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About us

   The main specialisation of the company is manufacturing and installation of metal structures. The core of the company is compose from energetic, experienced and qualified specialists and masters. JUDANTYS PROJEKTAI JSC performs works of manufacturing and installation of sliding and swing hung garden gates, metal and wooden fences, different metal structures. 

   JUDANTYS PROJEKTAI JSC proposes and installs garage door for households, industrial gate, roadblocks and automatic control equipment produced by prominent European manufacturers. 

   Our special attention is drawn to quality of the products, rational solutions of problems, training of our staff. We are always ready for realisation of the most difficult projects. 

   We are committed to achieving the best results so we believe that the fastest way to our success is our efforts, honest work and close cooperation with our clients.  Every client’s desire fulfilled helps in creation of more beautiful and comfortable living environment. 

 The main product groups implemented by JUDANTYS PROJEKTAI JSC:

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 • Sliding gates 
Atveriami kiemo vartai  • Swing gates
Hormann segmentiniai vartai  • Garage doors
Hormann pramoniniai vartai  • Industrial garage doors
Vartu automatika  • Gates automation 
Kelio uztvaras  • Road barrier
Metalines tvoros  • Metal and Wooden Fences
Segmentines tvoros  • Fence system
Metalines konstrukcijos - rampa  • Steel constructions