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Yard gates

tl_files/foto/Atlikti projektai/Stumdomi vartai 08.jpg  Sliding yard gates

   These are metal sliding yard gates of modern design. Commonly they are placed in yards where entry has an inclination. These gates are fixed on a concrete grounding; system of trolley assembled on the grounding allows the gate slide along the fence, taking a very little space in inner part of a yard. Sliding gate may have classical metal filling, metal rods or wooden filling of the spaces with the plates, fixed vertically or horizontally to the gate and fitting perfectly to the garden’s fence.


tl_files/foto/Produktu nuotraukos/AV_2.jpg   Swing hung yard gates

   These are classical yard gate having square frame with hinges as a main construction. Swing hung gates are fixed on concrete or metal poles. Size of poles and grounding is selected dependently on measurements, weight and filling of the frame’s space. Gate may be controlled automatically or manually. Specialist of our company will help you in choosing appropriate drive for a gate. .